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We're a 501c3 nonprofit organization with programs that provide positive life templates that empower our youth to maximize their potential and inspire them to live purpose filled lives.  Our programs provide young people an environment to explore their passions, develop positive social skills, develop decision-making skills, prepare for educational pursuit, and learn to become financially sound investors.


PRO-PARATUS is defined as Prepare, Ready, Equip, Provide (PREP).  PRO–PARATUS empowers youth to maximize their potential and inspires them to lead a purpose-filled life.  As a result, we call our youth, PREP Delegates.    

Our program is structured to benefit our delegates to:

  • PREPARE - For life experiences

  • READY - Position for opportunities

  • EQUIP - With resources

  • PROVIDE - Educational and Spiritual instructions

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors work to guide and direct the strategic plans and goals to achieve the mission of PRO-PARATUS. These leaders' unique blend of experience and understanding will guide the organization's mission, strategic goals, and objectives.

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